Every day, people are insulted, threatened and excluded under right-wing motivations. Bodily attacks happen again and again. The victims are in particular such people who are deprived of their rights in daily life, such as foreigners, alternative young people, but also homeless, handicapped or homosexual people.

Many people do not only suffer from the bodily damage which is done to them but also suffer from fears and feel torn from their everyday life.

Many victims are only little or not at all familiar with the German legal system with which they are confronted after a violent incident. They may have to do for example with the police or a court and will have to make certain decisions. The Victims' Aid Center of Dessau wants to support you in finding your way in a non-standard situation.



If we are informed of a right-wing attack, we contact the victims. The Victims' Aid Center helps victims to overcome the consequences of an attack and will, together with the victims, develop new perspectives for them.

If you have become the victim of a right-wing attack, please contact us. We can meet at a place of your choice or in our office in Dessau Parkstraße. Then we can jointly see how we can support you.

Our Victims' Aid Center works in Dessau-Roßlau as well as in the districts of Wittenberg and Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

We advise victims of right-wing violence, their friends, relatives and any witnesses at no cost on a confidential and - if you wish this - anonymous basis. We accompany them to authorities, medical doctors and court proceedings. We provide translation services, give legal advice and support you in finding lawyers or therapists.



... of the Victims' Aid Center of Dessau for victims of right-wing crimes and violence for the region of Anhalt/Bitterfeld/Wittenberg.

In the region of Anhalt/Bitterfeld/Wittenberg, the Victims' Aid Center supports victims of right-wing motivated crimes and violent incidents. The project advocates a society of emancipation and solidarity.


The Victims' Aid Center advises directly or indirectly concerned people and their environment after any right-wing attack.
The Victims' Aid Center assists concerned people in enforcing their rights.
In its actions he Victims' Aid Center is committed to consider the matter from the victim's perspective.
The Victims' Aid Center (OBS) promotes solidarity with the victims of right-wing attacks.


With its activity the Victims' Aid Center stands against racism, antisemitism, social Darwinism, homophobia and other right-wing ideologies.